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Our award winning intra-oral cutting products offer you a Carefree� and No Mess� Air Abrasion experience. Our products solve deficiencies of traditional air abrasive equipment, saving you Time & Money:

• No Overspray
• No Equipment
• No Nozzles
• No Clogging
• No Refilling
• No Clean-up


PrepMaster® - Mini


Award winning disposable air abrasive tips for minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of non-cavitated carious lesions as well as Class I, III, and V Restorations. Each PrepMaster� tip is pre-filled with 27� Aluminum Oxide and performs 1-3 cavity prep procedures. Flow control is via a simple two-speed finger actuated adapter using the chairside Quick Disconnect 80psi air supply.

Integral to the Quick Disconnect adapter is a miniature pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is set to 80psi assuring 99.5% anesthetic free procedures because sensitivity is eliminated.

Lifetime Warranty & FREE Replacement is applicable to both adapter and QD & Pressure Regulator assembly.

View the PrepMaster® User Instructions

Adapter cost: $399.99 with 5 FREE Tips and Lifetime Warranty & FREE Replacement on the adapter

Tip Cost: $3.99 per Tip

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Images Courtesy of Dr. Ian Shuman