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The PrepMaster� improves the delivery of healthcare by providing dentists with an economical micro-abrasion solution that provides greater efficacy. The cost and performance of the PrepMaster� instrument makes the superior micro-abrasion technology readily available and usable by all dentists. This in return makes the instrument and the accompanying clinical benefits - such as infection control, no anesthesia drill free dentistry, more conservative dentistry, and increased bond strength - more accessible to patients. Reducing the cost of dental procedures while improving the quality of care benefits the entire dental healthcare industry.


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Infection Control
The PrepMaster� is a single-use disposable instrument and is always clean right out of the package.
No Dental Drill
�No drill dentistry� provides more comfort and reduced patient anxiety through the elimination of the whine, vibration and heat associated with the dental drill.
No Anesthesia
Elimination of the anesthesia needle along with the �numb cheek� and �drooling� associated with the dental visit, provides shorter post-visit recovery and a quicker return to work.
Improve Bonding Strength
Studies have demonstrated that micro abrasion increases bond strength up to 400% due to greatly enhanced surface area.
More Conservative Dentistry
The PrepMaster� reduces micro-fracturing of healthy tooth structure that occurs from the vibration and pressure of the dental bur. This benefit of micro-abrasion technology permits the conservation of healthy tooth structure and enables treatment of decay at earlier stages because less tooth structure is removed. Additionally, incipient lesions may be treated to prevent further decay and make possible a minimally traumatic approach to cavity preparation.
Greater Accessibility
The reduced cost and operational simplicity of the PrepMaster� make micro-abrasion dentistry more widely available. Availability of the PrepMaster� at every dental chair leads to more frequent use.
Patient Benefits