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ProphyMaster™ For Full Mouth waterless prophy treatment to remove extrinsic stain, dental plaque and soft debris while simultaneously polishing tooth surfaces. Integrated chairside QD HVE and handpiece air supply provide minimal overspray and precise control in a single-handed operation.

Users: Hygienists, Assistants, and Dentists

Connection: Adapter combines chairside High-speed Evacuator and low-speed handpiece connection for 40psi air supply.

Flow control: Chair foot pedal.

Material: Tips are pre-filled with Sodium Bicarbonate or sodium-free Calcium Carbonate.

Duration: Full mouth treatment.

Adapter Price: $399.99 - $499.99

Tip Price: $2.99

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EtchMaster® Unidose Mini Sandblaster to ROUGHEN SURFACES FOR INCREASED BOND AREA & STRENGTH prior to enamel, crown, veneer, bracket, bonding & sealants, plus localized stain removal and surface polishing.

Users: Assistants and Dentists

Connection: Four adapter types set to 40psi pressure to meet your operational preferences. Cordless Etcher® handpiece requires no air supply connection. Quick Disconnect adapter is finger-actuated and is a direct replacement for traditional air abrasion systems.

Flow control: Chair foot pedal with low-speed/high speed 4-hole and Kavo-style adapter.

Material: Tips are pre-filled with 6 abrasive grades to provide hard, mild, and soft abrasion.

Duration: Two tip sizes - Small size tips cover 4 tooth surfaces and Large size tips cover 16 tooth surfaces.

Adapter Price: $249.99 - $499.99

Tip Price: $1.99 & $2.99

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PrepMaster® For Minimally Invasive Diagnosis and Cavity Preparation of non-cavitated carious lesions, removal of composite restorations as well as Class I, III, and V Restorations.

Users: Dentists

Connection: Operation requires 80psi pressure using a chairside Quick Disconnect adapter.

Flow control: A two-speed finger actuated valve.

Material: Tips are pre-filled with 27µ Aluminum Oxide

Duration: Each tip performs 1-3 cavity prep procedures.

Adapter Price: $399.99

Tip Price: $3.99

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Groman Dental has miniaturized and efficiently packaged sandblasting technology into unidose intra-oral disposable devices. Our products solve deficiencies of traditional air abrasive equipment, saving you Time & Money:
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
• No Overspray
• No Clogging
• No Equipment
• No Refilling
• No Cleanup • Lifetime Warranty On Adapters



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