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EtchMaster® - Product Overview

Award winning NO MESS� prefilled disposable air abrasive tips improve cementation bond strength to tooth surfaces, prosthetics, and sealants for intra-oral General, Cosmetic, Pediatric, and Orthodontic treatments; Mild and soft abrasive EtchMaster� tips provide localized stain removal and prophy capabilities. Simple and inexpensive EtchMaster� adapters are a cost effective replacement to traditional messy micro air abrasive etcher systems.

The EtchMaster� tips offer you a Carefree� and No Mess� Air Abrasion experience by solving the deficiencies of traditional air abrasive equipment, saving you Time & Money:

• No Overspray
• No Equipment
• No Nozzles
• No Clogging
• No Refilling
• No Cleanup

Lifetime Warranty on all adapters - FREE Replacement

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Ultradent's test lab has confirmed substantial bond strength increase to uncut enamel, subsequent to acid etch application, using hard abrasive EtchMaster® tips.

Dr. Howard S. Glazer

"We enjoy the EtchMaster® very much. Please tell others that we recommend it."

Dr. Irwin Smigel

Other respected dentists who lecture about, recommend, and use the EtchMaster� tips daily in their practice:Dr. Robert Weller, Dr. Paul Belvedere, Dr. John C. Kois, Dr. George Freedman, Dr. Doug Lambert, Dr. Ian Shuman, Dr. Martin Goldstein, and others.....

Conclusions: In primary teeth, air abrasion combined with acid etching appears to provide the best conditions for enamel treatment prior to sealant placement.

(Pediatr. Dent. 2005;27:463-469) S

Study shows that air abrasion and acid etching provide almost double the bond strength over acid etch treatment alone.

AAPD Journal Article Abstract

International Journal of Pediatric Dentistry Vol. 11 Page 409, 11/2001

Microleakage of three sealants following conventional, bur, and air-abrasion preparation of pits an fissures.

Conclusion: The most successful method of preparation was air abrasion with acid etch.



Images Courtesy of Dr. Ian Shuman




Images Courtesy of Dr. Howard Glazer