SafetyNeb+™ Technology

Multi-stage aerosol filtration Rugged filter-to-mask interface 12.5% increase in filter media surface area
Increased product expiration period Pediatric and small adult mask size Extended-duration procedures
More rigid and light weight Better visibility of patient Learn more about our continuous improvement

Our standard SafetyNeb+™ kits include the pre-assembled filtered mask, the SafetyFit™ faceplate, plus a nebulizer and tubing. Contact us for kit options without tubing.

SafetyNeb+™ PPE Mask Sizes

Kits are available in three mask sizes for optimal fit to patient's facial proportions and comfort so a CPAP-like tight seal is attained and significantly improves patient's oxygenation.

Feature Comprison

Important considerations

SafetyNeb+™, SafetyFilta™ and SafetyFit™ devices should only be used as additional protective devices in conjunction with other PPEs, and in accordance with clinical guidelines. The user should watch for any leakage and reposition the mask and tighten the elastic to eliminate any such leakage. The patient should be instructed not to speak or move the mask once it has been attached, so as to maintain optimal seal. The patient’s breathing should be monitored.