AerosoLESS® Technology

Aerosol Filtration of Vented Masks

AerosoLESS Product Line Catagories

Our aerosoless FDA Class I exempt respiratory PPE technology is offered in two product categories:

SafetyNeb+™ PPE

Nebulizer kits that includes a filtered mask with tubing designed for the rugged EMS environment. SafetyNeb+ kits use our SafetyFilta™ multi-level filtration technology with rugged mask mounting and include our SafetyFit™ devices that enhances fit to facial features to create a CPAP-like tight seal with the patients' face and significantly improve patients' oxygenation... Learn More

SafetyFilta™ PPE

Stick-on filters that quickly and easily convert your vented nebulizer masks into filtered masks. SafetyFilta™ PPE technology uses our multi-level filtration technology with removable stick-on mounting that are light weight and provide a viable low-cost solution in any clinical setting. The adjustable SafetyFit™ device can be used with a SafetyFilta™ PPE filtered mask to create a CPAP-like tight seal with the patients' face to further reduce fugitive emissions and is sold separately... Learn More

Products Differentiation

As the nebulizer generated aerosol is captured by the filtration media (in protection of surrounding environment) it also leads to saturation of the filtration media. Over time the saturation increases in air flow resistance through the filtration media which is detrimental to the patient. All things being equal, larger filtration media last longer than smaller filtration media. That is why there is an upper limit on the time a filtration system can be utilized. When the filters are fixed to the mask -- such as with the SafetyNeb+™ PPE -- the mask must be discarded once this limit is reached. In the SafetyFilta™ PPE configuration, once the limit is reached the filters can be removed and replaced with fresh SafetyFilta™ PPE to extend the mask use on the same patient. For operational purposes, a single SafetyFilta™ PPE filter is equal in size to the two SafetyNeb+™ PPE mounted filters.

Features Comparison

Important considerations

SafetyNeb+™, SafetyFilta™ and SafetyFit™ devices should only be used as additional protective devices in conjunction with other PPEs, and in accordance with clinical guidelines. The user should watch for any leakage and reposition the mask and tighten the elastic to eliminate any such leakage. The patient should be instructed not to speak or move the mask once it has been attached, so as to maintain optimal seal. The patient’s breathing should be monitored.