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Cordless Etcher® Handpiece

The Cordless Etcher® micro air abrasive handpiece works only with the Small size NO MESS™ EtchMaster® pre-filled disposable micro air abrasive tips.

The Cordless Etcher® Handpiece is powered by CO2 mini-cartridges for unprecedented portability and efficiency.

The Cordless Etcher® is effortless to use with composite bonding, preventive sealants, crowns and veneer procedures.

The Cordless Etcher® handpiece is quickly re-loaded with a CO2 mini-cartridge.

Each CO2 mini-cartridge provides sufficient power to run 3 EtchMaster® tips.

Three EtchMaster® tips and a single CO2 mini-cartridge are individually packaged so you never run out of power during a procedure.

Simply replace the CO2 mini-cartridge once the third EtchMaster® tip is depleted.

Cost per EtchMaster® tip usage including CO2 mini-cartridge is $2.99

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The Cordless Etcher® Handpiece Starter Kit includes:

Cordless Etcher® Handpiece with Lifetime Adapter Warranty Price: $249.99

with 4 CO2 mini-cartridges and the following Tips Package:


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